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Occupational health of working dogs

Fitness for duty for your canine partner is our number one priority.  Our preventive care, performance care, and rehabilitation services are geared to keep your dog fit for work at all life stages.



Our Travel Ready program facilitates canine travel, transport, and boarding with examinations, health certificates and other regulatory documentation, vaccinations, and other healthcare needs performed conveniently at your location.


Rehabilitation and Quality of Life Care

Rehabilitation care following illness or injury can significantly improve your dog's chances of making a full recovery or return to good quality of life. Our caring and skilled veterinarians and staff are here for your aging dog with mobility assistance, management of chronic pain, and quality of life assessment.

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Preventive and General Care

We offer a convenient service for at-home vaccinations, heart worm testing and prevention, flea, tick, and internal parasite prevention through our mobile, same-day laboratory service and on-line pharmacy for your canine athlete or companion dogs and cats!  We are also available for at-home care for minor and chronic illness or injury by appointment.

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